Some Screen Options When You Have Your Pool Enclosure Rescreened

Posted on: 7 August 2019

A screen enclosure around your pool allows you to use your pool more often since you'll be protected from bugs and your UV exposure will be reduced. However, when the screen is ripped, it doesn't do its job. If your pool enclosure has a damaged screen or is just old and needs to be updated, it's time to call a pool rescreening company for help. It might be possible to replace damaged panels, or you may opt to have the entire enclosure rescreened. Here are some choices of screen materials for you to consider.

Tight Mesh Screens

Tight mesh screens are also called no-see-um screens because they keep out tiny biting bugs that you can barely see. If the tiny bugs are a problem where you live, then you definitely want to talk to your screening company about the size of the mesh for your enclosure. With a tight mesh, you can swim in comfort and leave your patio doors open without pesky bugs getting in your house. Most screens are tight enough to keep out big bugs such as flies, but when you want to be certain that nothing can get inside, then paying more for a tight mesh screen could be a good choice.

Specialty Screen Fabrics

Pool enclosure screens can do more than keep out bugs. The screens can be made from a variety of fabrics that have different qualities. Some are made to resist fire or reduce damage from UV rays. Some sun-control screens can reduce solar heating so your pool and home stay a little cooler. Screens can even be made to resist the growth of algae or mold so you won't have a problem with ugly stains or bacterial growth on the screen.

Tough Pet Screens

If you have a dog or cat, you'll probably let them enjoy the pool enclosure with you. However, animals can be destructive to screens when they are determined to get on the other side. You can have tough pet screens installed that your dog can't rip through when clawing at the screen. Your installer can add a pet door to your enclosure so your dog or cat can come and go as they please, and when they are confined inside, you won't have to worry about them damaging the screen. This tough screen can also discourage rats and raccoons on the outside that try to claw their way inside your enclosure.

Privacy Screen

You may enjoy the view of your yard from your pool, but you may be uncomfortable with your neighbors watching you as you lounge or swim. Your pool rescreening contractor can help by installing a privacy screen where you need it. This screen has an opaque appearance so your neighbors can't see through it. It can be placed in middle panels to partially block the view or along one side of your pool that faces a nosy neighbor.

You may have more options than you realize when it's time to rescreen your pool, but a screening company, such as Sunshine Screens, can help you choose the screen fabric that will help you get the results you want.