How To Fix Damaged Vinyl Pool Liners

Posted on: 2 July 2017

Pool liners keep the walls of the pool from developing rusting, sagging, or corroding. Pool owners commonly vinyl liners because they are cost-effective, but they can develop holes and rips easily. 

A hole in your liner doesn't mean you have to buy a new one since minor damage can easily be fixed. However, you shouldn't delay fixing holes, because it lowers the water level. Follow these tips to fix a torn vinyl pool liner:

Prepare to Fix the Damage

To fix the damage, you need the following supplies:

  • yard stick or tape measure
  • masking tape
  • nylon scrub brush
  • sandpaper
  • scissors
  • rag
  • squeegee
  • underwater patch kit 

To isolate the damage, examine the outside of the pool for wetness since you could miss some rips or holes. A wet area is a good indication of damage. Mark the holes or rips you find with masking tape on the outside of the pool. 

Leave the water in the pool, because draining the pool may cause the vinyl to get off track or wrinkle. Underwater repair kits allow you to fix damage without draining the pool. Wear goggles if the damage is on the surface.

Fix Minor Rips Six Inches Long or Less

It is best to make the repair on the outside of the liner, if possible. Replace liners with rips longer than six inches. 

For rips that can be fixed from the outside, measure the length of the rip, then sand five inches passed the rip in all directions, and wipe clean. A patch kit should come with a white or blue repair patch that matches the liner of your pool. 

Trim the repair patch to two inches longer than the rip on all sides. In some cases, you may need two patches, so it is large enough to cover the rip. Remove the masking tape, and attach the patches together with the adhesive from the kit, making a two-inch overlap.

Follow directions on applying the glue, then push it into the tear. Run the squeegee over the patch to remove air bubbles, and press on the patch for thirty seconds to help it set.

Repair Small Holes

Measure the diameter of the hole, and trim the repair patch until it extends five times this measurement. Add the adhesive from the kit, applying a generous amount to cover the whole patch. 

Bend the patch in half with the non-glued side exposed. Unbend the patch, and press it onto the hole from the middle to the outside; keeping it still. Allow the adhesive to cure. If the patch loosens, allow the adhesive on the patch to dry, then repeat the process.

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