3 Things To Think About Before Installing A Swimming Pool

Posted on: 14 May 2017

Do you like being able to go swimming in the summer but hate having to drive to the nearest public swimming pool or lake to do so? Are you thinking about having a swimming pool installed in your backyard so that you can go swimming whenever you want? Swimming pools can be great fun and a huge convenience. Instead of only being able to go swimming during business hours or when the sun is up, you'll be able to take a quick dip after dinner or even at midnight if that's what you want to do. While it can be tempting to simply go out right now to find someone to install a pool for you, there are a few things that you should consider first. These things include:

Chlorine or salt water: It's a mistaken belief that salt water pools contain no chlorine at all. The way that a salt water pool keeps the water purified is by splitting the salt molecules into sodium and chlorine atoms. While there may be less chlorine in the water than in a traditional pool setup, it's still present. The main advantage of salt water pools is not having to keep a load of hazardous chemicals on hand. Instead of trying to figure out how to keep caustic chlorine away from young children, pretty much all you need to deal with is a large bag of salt. Your swimming pool contractor can let you know the price differences between the two types so that you can also decide which one will work best for your budget.

Pool size: A small yard doesn't automatically preclude you from having an enjoyable pool. Although you could choose to have your swimming pool contractor put in a pool that takes up most of your yard, you may want to consider another option. Instead of a giant pool that leaves no room for things like a barbecue grill, consider a smaller swimming machine instead. A swimming machine uses motors or pumps to create a current within the swimming area. This allows the pool to simulate an endless expanse of infinite swimming area so that you can do laps. These types of pools can come in a variety of sizes but most are about the size of a large hot tub.

Pool fence: When deciding how large of a pool that your swimming pool contractor should install, make sure to take into consideration the fence around the pool. In most municipalities across the country, a swimming pool is now considered an "attractive nuisance" in your yard. If any child slips into your yard without permission and drowns, you could be charged with negligence if you lack a proper pool fence. Check your local city codes to find out exactly what type of fence they demand and then find out how much that costs to install so that you know how much to budget for the pool and then for the fence itself.

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