11 Cool Features For Your Posh Pool

Posted on: 4 May 2017

If you are planning on building a swimming pool, go all out. Make your pool posh with some of the most clever and cool features available. Create a one-of-a-kind place that you- and others- relish spending time in.

Consider these 11 features to make your pool posh:

1.An automatic cover. Invest in an automatic cover for your pool. These save energy, keep the water clean, deter wildlife, and make the pool safer for small children and pets. Plus, these are far easier to maneuver than dragging covers over the pool.

2.Your own grotto. A grotto is a cave-like structure that surrounds a hot-tub or spa made from natural or man-made materials. These are the perfect spot for a nightcap or to lounge.

3.The right lighting. Consider implementing LED lighting for illumination and efficiency. Don't underestimate the importance of choosing the right lights, as well as the right color lights for your pool.

4.Waterfalls. A waterfall or sheer descent creates a beautiful water feature that makes your pool different than others. Talk with contractors about creating these visual effects.

5.A tanning ledge. Make sure to plan for a tanning ledge. This is a shallow area for chairs and sunbathing that is also good for small children that use the pool.

6.Princess decks. If you like to entertain, make sure that you pool has princess decking. This is a series of raised platforms or decks at multi levels, which are perfect for a party!

7.Water-spillways. Water spillways from columns lining the perimeter of your pool or patio space are very posh. These give your pool a Grecian-type feel.

8.A swim-up bar. Who doesn't want their own swim-up bar? Know that a swim-up bar also features a "dry" side where the bartender and your swimming guests can engage without getting wet.

9.Beach-entry. Ask your contractor about creating beach entry, a sloped entry to the pool that is shallow enough for children, pets, or those that merely want to dip their feet in the water.

10.Underwater seating. Have your pool contractor create underwater tables and benches for you to enjoy food, drinks, and entertaining without getting out of the water!

11.A vanishing edge. Consider making yours an infinity pool with a vanishing edge for a cool visual effect that is very upscale and contemporary.

Why not go posh? If you are planning your pool, consider these features to make it one-of-a-kind. Talk with pool contractors about implementing these options and creating a pool area with some swagger! For more information, contact companies like Distinctive Swimming Pools Inc.