Myths Of Natural Swimming Pools

Posted on: 19 May 2015

A natural swimming pool is a great alternative to a traditional pool. With traditional pools, you have to use harsh chemicals to keep the water clean and safe to swim in. Natural swimming pools use an organic process that provides clean water without the use of chemicals. However, there are a lot of myths that make the idea of a natural swimming pool less attractive. Read on to find out what is not true.

They Cost More than Traditional Pools

You may have been led to believe that natural swimming pools cost a lot more than a traditional swimming pool. In actuality, they cost around the same. In fact, you can save money on yearly maintenance because chemicals are not used to keep the pool clean and are not needed. Another way money is saved is natural pools do not need electricity to run a filtration system and is easier on your power bill.

Upkeep is Harder

If you think natural swimming pools take more work than a traditional pool, think again. With a traditional swimming pool, you are constantly having to test the chlorine level and pH balance. Filters can become clogged or need repair. Lining may need to be replaced. With a natural pool, you might need to use a net to skim fallen leaves off the top once a month, which is something you usually have to do with a traditional one anyway.

But the Weeds and Animals…

One of the first things that might pop into your mind when you hear the words "natural swimming pool" is the pond you used to swim in as a child where fish nipped at your toes and it was overran with cattails and water lilies. The thing with natural swimming pools is they are usually built with two separate pools: one for plant life that will keep bacteria from growing and keeps the water clean and a second pool you actually swim in. Because there are two separate sections animals that are attracted to the pool will take up habitation where the plant life has been placed.

Mud Bottoms

While soil is used for the plant pond, the swimming area does not have to have a mud bottom. In fact, it is possible to put in a natural swimming pool that is looks very much like a traditional pool. You have the option to use concrete or a rubber liner for the sides and the bottom.


Just like a traditional pool, you do not have to drain a natural pool during the winter. It is completely safe to allow the pool to freeze over during the winter. Any pipes that are used to circulate the water to keep it from going stagnate are typically underground and will not be harmed when it gets below freezing.

Natural swimming pools are no more intimidating or expensive than traditional pools. These debunked myths make natural pools a viable option for beautifying your back yard. 

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