3 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Hot Tub Running Smoothly For Years To Come

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A hot tub can be a great way to relax at the end of a hard work day, while others use hot tubs to get the party started with family and friends. Regardless of how often you use your tub, at some point, it will require some maintenance to keep things running smoothly. Here are 3 easy to follow tips that will help with your hot tub maintenance and keep it looking good for years to come. Tennis In The Tub As more people go in and out of the tub, they will naturally leave behind certain substances from their body. This includes bodily oil but could also mean things like hairspray, skin lotion and other similar products. While your hot tub does have a filtration system, it’s not ideal to make it work overtime cleaning out these human-created substances. One quick trick you can use to try and clear up your filtration is to put a few tennis balls into your skimmers or even directly into the water. The tennis balls will naturally soak up a lot of those foreign oils that could otherwise end up causing a problem. Watch for Returning Debris Every good hot tub owner is used to to the process of draining and then refilling their tub on a semi-frequent basis in order to maintain water balance. But when you are re-introducing water to the tub, keep an eye on those lower return inlets. It’s common for debris to re-circulate and end up getting back into your filtration. One trick that works well is to cover the inlets with something that will still let water through but catch any debris. A handheld skimmer or even pantyhose will help get you the result you desire. Don’t Forget the Cover One area that some hot tub owners neglect is the hot tub cover. If you don’t give it a good scrubbing every couple of months, it’s going to get a stench that is going to drive your guests away and likely undo all of the hard work you put into cleaning the tub itself. Use a mixture of water with just a dash of bleach to scrub the underside of the hot tub once every few months. This will keep it smelling and looking great all year round. Hot tubs require regular maintenance to work properly. But a well-placed tennis ball or pair of nylons can help keep your filtration system free and clear of unwanted debris. When cleaning your hot tub, don’t forget to pay attention to the underside of the tub cover, something that can easily be overlooked. Finally, remember there’s no shame in reaching out to a local pool contractor if you just don’t have the time or patience to handle the job yourself. Contact a business, such as Culligan Hot Tubs, for more information....

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Ideas For Integrating A Spa Into Your Home

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Adding a spa to your home is a great luxury. A spa or hot tub adds value to both your home and your lifestyle. (In case you’re wondering, there’s not a big difference between the two – “spa” is often used as an umbrella term for heated, jetted pools.) Placing a hot tub in your yard can sometimes be tricky during the cold months. Instead, consider integrating the spa into your home itself. Deck Hot Tub Setting up a hot tub on a deck is a common method of integrating it into the home. When planning a spot for your deck hot tub, Better Homes and Gardens suggests considering privacy and access to the house. If you want to use the hot tub year-round, it’s also necessary to provide some shelter. A pergola provides shelter while maintaining the ambience of being outdoors. It’s even possible to rig the pergola with blinds or shades to enhance the privacy factor. Spa Bathroom Another obvious place to add a spa is in the bathroom. In fact, doing so often channels a luxurious resort. Homeowners commonly replace a standard soaking tub with a jacuzzi. If that’s your plan, make sure to design the area for comfort. Place the spa in a corner for privacy, even adding a frosted glass or wooden wall for added seclusion. Consider kitting the corner out with music and mood lighting. Likewise, leave plenty of space for candles, aromatherapy pots and a beverage to further the relaxation of your long soak. Cozy Pool Adding a drop-in spa to your home can be a major construction project as there may need to be structural modifications made to the floor and wall. However, a permanent indoor pool offers the convenience of privacy and perfect climate. For your pool room, make it a cozy lounge spot. Consider adding a gas fireplace for ambience, and scatter humidity-loving plants around the space. Likewise, add a few pieces of lounge furniture for when you take a break from your soaking. Entertainment Center If you’re thinking pool room, you may be thinking entertainment central. In fact, a spa can be a social addition to a sunroom. You can select either an above-ground or drop-in model. Either way, make the spa your room’s focal point. Add a television within easy viewing from the pool itself. Include hooks for hanging robes. To keep the pool room from feeling like a hotel hot tub, add comfortable furniture around the spa for lounging outside the pool. Whether you place a hot tub on your deck or integrate a spa into the house itself, create a relaxed atmosphere around the pool for maximum enjoyment. For more ideas, contact a company like Hot Tubs by Aqua Friends Pool &...

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Myths Of Natural Swimming Pools

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A natural swimming pool is a great alternative to a traditional pool. With traditional pools, you have to use harsh chemicals to keep the water clean and safe to swim in. Natural swimming pools use an organic process that provides clean water without the use of chemicals. However, there are a lot of myths that make the idea of a natural swimming pool less attractive. Read on to find out what is not true. They Cost More than Traditional Pools You may have been led to believe that natural swimming pools cost a lot more than a traditional swimming pool. In actuality, they cost around the same. In fact, you can save money on yearly maintenance because chemicals are not used to keep the pool clean and are not needed. Another way money is saved is natural pools do not need electricity to run a filtration system and is easier on your power bill. Upkeep is Harder If you think natural swimming pools take more work than a traditional pool, think again. With a traditional swimming pool, you are constantly having to test the chlorine level and pH balance. Filters can become clogged or need repair. Lining may need to be replaced. With a natural pool, you might need to use a net to skim fallen leaves off the top once a month, which is something you usually have to do with a traditional one anyway. But the Weeds and Animals… One of the first things that might pop into your mind when you hear the words “natural swimming pool” is the pond you used to swim in as a child where fish nipped at your toes and it was overran with cattails and water lilies. The thing with natural swimming pools is they are usually built with two separate pools: one for plant life that will keep bacteria from growing and keeps the water clean and a second pool you actually swim in. Because there are two separate sections animals that are attracted to the pool will take up habitation where the plant life has been placed. Mud Bottoms While soil is used for the plant pond, the swimming area does not have to have a mud bottom. In fact, it is possible to put in a natural swimming pool that is looks very much like a traditional pool. You have the option to use concrete or a rubber liner for the sides and the bottom. Draining Just like a traditional pool, you do not have to drain a natural pool during the winter. It is completely safe to allow the pool to freeze over during the winter. Any pipes that are used to circulate the water to keep it from going stagnate are typically underground and will not be harmed when it gets below freezing. Natural swimming pools are no more intimidating or expensive than traditional pools. These debunked myths make natural pools a viable option for beautifying your back yard.  For more information on pool supplies, contact a company like Imperial Paddock Pools...

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